Benefits for ISOs

  • Quick & dependable team.
    Our team will always be ready to process your deals – even during nights and weekends! While other funders are closed, we are here and ready to help!
  • High approval rates.
    We review each deal and create custom packages for your clients which allow us to approve more files.
  • Low default rates.
    Satisfaction and transparency for your clients is why we have a less than 1% default rate.

ISO Resources

Welcome to the Quick Business Funder (QBF) ISO Resource Center, created exclusively for our current and prospective ISO Partners! Here you will find all kinds of useful resources for professionals in the MCA industry, including videos, articles, and white papers for all your MCA needs. Downloadable PDF versions of the slides, newsletters, and much more are available.

At Quick Business Funder, we realize that our success lies within our ISO Partners’ ability to succeed. With the ISO Resource Center, we hope to provide you with the tools and information you need to make funding your MCA deals with QBF more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Guides for ISOs
We know that the success of Quick Business Funder starts with our ISO Partners’ ability to get more deals closed faster. That’s why we created proprietary, high technology tools to streamline the underwriting process. Review our blogs and videos for more information.

Sales Tools for ISOs
If you’re looking for more hands-on applications to get your best MCA deals funded, check us out. You’ll find unique proprietary tools developed by Quick Business Funder. Now ISO’s have the ability to control their own deals. Syndicating deals with QBF is a great way to see just how much more you can make.

ISO Education Material
Stay on top of industry trends and strategies with our blog and educational videos. Topics cover developing a well defined target market, social media sales for ISOs, and more. You will also be able to download PDF versions of the slide decks to share with your colleagues or to keep for your own learning.